Building a community for housing industry professionals. 

We’ve created a space for leaders and decision makers to stay informed and stay ahead of what’s going on in the industry every day. HousingWire.com is the destination for professionals seeking to cultivate their success, learn, and better connect with the constantly evolving U.S. housing industry.

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With more than 34,000 opt-in subscribers, HW newsletters reach a targeted audience that is actively seeking industry news. Our newsletters provide brands with consistent brand presence, highly relevant content adjacency and growing audience reach. Our newsletter subscriber base is growing at 49% annually.

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Extend your brand’s reach beyond HousingWire with precise targeting – generating real, measurable results.

HW APEXTM  leverages HousingWire’s unique first-party behavioral data and curated offline data sources to execute successful campaigns to reach your clients and prospects, wherever they are, no matter the site. HW APEXTM  strategies include audience extension, account-based marketing, and custom audiences.

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HW Apex

Key contacts

Western U.S.

Christi Lingard-Humphries
phone: 469-893-1492

Central U.S.

Mark Adams
phone: 469-893-1496

Eastern U.S.

Tyson Bennett
phone: 469-893-1503

National Sales Director

Jennifer Watson Laws
phone: 469-893-1486

Sales Coordinator

Haley Knighton
phone: 469-893-1504

Ad Operations Manager

Jessica Fly
phone: 469-893-1507