HW APEX is a highly-targeted marketing solution that effectively connects clients with their target audience driving real, measurable results.

By leveraging HousingWire’s audience and curated offline data sources, marketers use HW APEX to execute successful campaigns that build brand, drive demand, nurture prospects, and move leads through the funnel.

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Who are you trying to reach?

HW advertisers have had success reaching both pre-defined segments and customer audience lists using HW APEX.

Pre-defined segments

  1. Loan Orginators
  2. HMDA Top 200 Lenders
  3. Residential Real Estate Professionals
  4. Lending Executives
  5. Mortgage Servicing Executives
  6. Appraisers
  7. Processors/Underwriters
  8. MLS Pre-Mover Segment

Custom audiences

  1. Account-based targeting leveraging client’s prospect list and HW audience data
  2. Loan originators and branch managers in a specific city/state
  3. Lenders from the HMDA list with specific executive titles
  4. MLS Pre-Movers in specific cities
  5. Geofence the host hotel at an industry conference
Current APEX Marketers