HW APEX™: The housing economy’s single most powerful digital advertising solution.

“By consistently providing our staff with timely and professional service, the HousingWire team
has become a valued and trusted partner. In addition to providing constant information and statistics on the latest industry trends, their HW APEX™ solution allows us to use the latest digital ad targeting techniques to reach new segments of our target audience.”Rob Pajon, VP Marketing, USRES
HW APEX™ gives advertisers the ability to leverage HousingWire’s highly unique, industry-specific audience data to build advertising campaigns that reach across the entire Internet.

Our HW APEX™ campaign outperformed a direct buy with LinkedIn.HW APEX™ advertiser

It’s a total transformation of the advertising process that reduces costs, while increasing reach dramatically — and making old-school trade advertising both costly and ineffective.

It’s the first and only solution of its kind to be introduced to the U.S. mortgage and real estate industry, and it brings together the tech industry’s leading data and inventory partners into a single managed solution that drives real, measurable results for your business.

Reaching B2B buyers in mortgages and housing isn’t what it used to be:
  • The average B2B customer completes nearly two-thirds of the purchase decision process prior to engaging a supplier’s sales rep.
  • The average U.S. adult spends over three hours each day on the Internet and smartphone devices — yet only a fraction of that time is spent consuming industry content.

You need to be reaching your audience where they are, BEFORE they contact a sales rep. And with HW APEX™, now you can.

What’s programmatic advertising?

In a nutshell, programmatic advertising automates the decision-making process of where ads are placed, using artificial intelligence (AI) and real-time bidding (RTB) for online display, mobile and even video campaigns — and it’s projected to reach as much as 50% of all digital advertising buys by 2018.

HW APEX™ lets you use HousingWire’s specialized B2B audience data to target your ad buys, anywhere across the entire Internet.

HW APEX™ takes programmatic advertising to the next level, too, by leveraging HousingWire’s unique and proprietary readership data to precisely target advertising to in-market readers — at a scale previously unimaginable elsewhere. Our data also allows us to build dynamic audience segment profiles, targeting “lookalikes” matching those profiles even if they’ve never visited HousingWire at all.

For companies willing to embrace the next generation of marketing, the benefits of HW APEX™ are game-changing:

  • Hyper-segmentation that simply isn’t possible with traditional B2B advertising
  • True scale: message impressions that reach into millions, not thousands
  • Incredible cost reductions versus traditional B2B ad buys
A best-of-all-worlds approach.
HW APEX™ isn’t a single platform on a single ad network: it’s a managed service leveraging high-quality data sources and incorporating a variety of sources of ad inventory. Most importantly, HW APEX™ leverages HousingWire’s proprietary first-party data for unmatched targeting capabilities.

Near limitless campaign strategy & execution. (No, we’re not kidding.)

It’s time to get beyond simply “putting your brand out there.” Below are just some of the campaigns advertisers have already been able to execute using HW APEX™:

  • A regional lender recruiting loan officers in the Southeastern United States
  • A default industry service provider targeting senior-level loan servicing executives at the nation’s top 50 U.S. banks by mortgage lending activity
  • A mortgage insurer targeting lenders geographically in 50 key ZIP codes
  • A mortgage services vendor targeting users who read any story on HousingWire.com that mentioned a competitor
  • A mortgage services vendor targeting real estate investors holding 3 or more properties in their investment portfolio

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