Q4... It's Crunch Time

Year after year we see our clients slow down their marketing efforts in Q4. Their reasoning? It’s the holidays, people are less engaged, and it’s a good chance to save some money at the end of the year. Our answer? To quote Julia Roberts, “Big mistake. Big. Huge.” 

All joking aside, HousingWire stats don’t show a dip in site visits or email open rates during the holidays. In fact, our November and December numbers are right on par with our monthly averages throughout the year!

Yes, you may save a few dollars now, but you could lose out on major potential revenue going into the new year. Not advertising now will mean an emptier pipeline in January and February 2019. A slow January and February will set the wrong tone for the new year and can lead to a lack of momentum, morale, you name it! 

Don't let this happen to you! Let’s talk about how HousingWire can help you finish 2018 strong and set up 2019 for huge success, get in touch!